One Bow Street, Suite 250

Cambridge, MA 02138




PhD, American Studies, Harvard University, May 2018.

MFA, Poetry, McNeese State University, May 2008.

MA, Literature, McNeese State University, May 2008.

BA, Literature, McNeese State University, May 2005.


Nomination for Harvard Society of Fellows                                         2015

Radcliffe Dissertation Completion Fellowship,

Harvard University                                                                                   2015-16

Bok Center Teaching Award, Harvard                                                   2015

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Merit/Term-Time

Fellowship, Harvard University                                                              2013

Bok Center Teaching Award, Harvard                                                   2012

History of American Civilization Summer Research Grant,

Harvard University                                                                                   2011

Pushcart Nomination                                                                               2009

Doré Graduate Research Grant, McNeese State University              2005-2007


Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century American Fiction and Poetry

History of Photography


Preceptor, Harvard University

Expos 20, 2016-present

Teaching Assistance

The American Novel: Dreiser to the Present, with Professor Philip Fisher, English Department, Harvard University, Spring 2015.

Poems, Poets, Poetry, with Professor Helen Vendler, English Department, Harvard University, Fall 2014.

Science and Religion in American History, History Department, with Professor Andrew Jewett, Harvard, Fall 2014.

American Protest Literature from Tom Paine to Tupac, with Professors Timothy McCarthy and John Stauffer, English Department, Harvard University, Fall 2013.

The Civil War from Nat Turner to Birth of a Nation, with Professors Amanda Claybaugh an John Stauffer, Harvard University, Spring 2013.

The Romance: From Jane Austen to Chick Lit, with Professor Linda Schlossberg, Women and Gender Studies, Harvard University, Fall 2012.

English 090: Developmental English, McNeese State University                     2005-2006

English 101: Freshman Composition, McNeese State University                       2006-2007

English 102: Freshman Research Composition McNeese State University      2007-2008

Writing 104: Writing to Inform and Explain, University of Rhode Island       2008-2009

Louisiana Governor’s Program for Gifted Students:

Poetry/Fiction (McNeese)                                                                                  Summer 2008

Tutor for Harvard Writing Center                                                                      2014-present



Agrivated Assault: From Guerrilla Gardening to the Age of Ecology,” The Good Gardener: Nature, Humanity, and the Garden (London: Black Dog Publishing, 2015).

“The Heckler and the Magician: Nathaniel Hawthorne, George Ripley, and the Dystopian Romance” Utopian Studies, revise and resubmit.

Coauthored with Prof. John Stauffer introduction to Mr. Emerson’s Revolution, ed. Jean Mudge, forthcoming.

“Planting My Cabbages (Photo: Death),” Earth Perfect? Nature, Utopia, and the Garden (London: Black Dog Publishing, London, 2012).

“The Man on the Dump,” McNeese Review 49 (2011).

“Be-Longing: Translating Leslie Norris’s Meaningful Distance” Literature and Belief, 29 & 30.1 (2010).

Poetry Books

Der Garten (Edition Galerie Vevais) Forthcoming.

Eye, Thus Far, Unplucked (Stephen F. Austin Press, 2017)

Werkdruck No. 37: Photographs by Beth Moon, Poem by Steven Brown (edition Galerie Vevais, 2015)

To the Wheatlight of June (South Dennis, MA: 21st Editions, 2013).

Moth and Bonelight (South Dennis, MA: 21st Editions, 2010).

Poetry (Selected)

“The Return” and “Gulf Coast Dialogues” The Freeman (2015).

“In Response to the Fear that CERN Will Collide Protons in Its

Accelerator and Create a Black Hole” Unsplendid 5.1 (2013).

“Dirt Daubers” Measure 7.1 (2012)

“The Wingkeepers” Poetry East

“Real Estate” featured on Verse Daily, January 10, 2011.

“Penumbra” Best New Poets 2010, selected by Claudia Emerson.

“Onward, Outward” Barrow Street, Fall/Winter (2010).

“Real Estate,” “Jar Season,” and “Morning Auguries” Unsplendid 3.1 (2010).

“Stalks of Affluence” and “Defection of the Seraphim” Measure 4.1 (2009).

“Conversions” Asheville Poetry Review, 19 (2009).

“Late Hours for the Harvesters” and “June Interrupted” Indiana Review 31.1.

“Whale Bone” Rattle (2006).

Writings on Visual Art (Selected)

Photography: “Unremembered Pleasures,” The Art of Ruin (Santa Fe: Twin Palms Publishers, 2015).

Photography: “Eternity in Present Tense: Beth Moon and the Art of the Tree” Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time (New York: Abbeville Press, 2014).

Painting and Art History: “Against Decorum: Scratching the Surface of Dino Valls,” Dino Valls: Ex Picturis II (Bliesdorf, Germany: Edition Galerie Vevais, 2014).

Photography: “Dreams and Memories of a Past Life,” Eyemazing: The New Collectible Art Photography (London: Thames & Hudson, 2013).

Photography: “The Pathless Places of Beth Moon,” Between Earth and Sky (Milan, Italy: Charta, 2013).

Photography: “As I Wandered the Streets: The Photography of Daidō Moriyama,” Eyemazing (Fall 2012)

Photography: “A Sweet and Senseless Shiver: The Photography of Rimaldas Viksraitis,” Eyemazing (Fall 2012).

Photography: “The Magic Gardens of Hermann Försterling,” Eyemazing (Spring 2012)

Photography: “Like Nothing Else: Jack Spencer and the Dominions of Photography” (South Dennis, MA: 21st Editions, 2011).

Photography: “Defaceting the Diamond: Translations of the Tressian Eye,” Pointers (Bliesdorf, Germany: Edition Galerie Vevais, 2011).


Coeditor of Daniel Aaron [Professor Emeritus, Harvard University] Commonplace Book 1934-2012 (Brooklyn: Wafer Press, 2015).


Organized and Directed a Conference at Harvard called Sensing Wonder, Serious Play: Ecology and Children’s Literature (October 25, 2013)

“Agrivated Assault: Guerrilla Gardening, Yarn Bombs, and the Seeds of Utopia” Conference Title: Earth Perfect? Nature, Utopia and the Garden, sponsored by the University of Delaware, June 6-9, 2013.

“Daughters of the Machine: Haraway, Heth, and the Femme Nouvelle” at the NEASA (New England American Studies Association) Annual Conference entitled “The Arts and the Public” Boston, MA October 1-3, 2010.

“Re-Imaging Utopia: Crises of Temporality in Robert ParkeHarrison’s The Architect’s Brother” at the 34th Annual Meeting of The Society for Utopian Studies (Oct 30-Nov 1 2009).


Founding Editor, Od Review (                            2016-present

Editor for 21st Editions (South Dennis Massachusetts)                      2015-present

Editor for Edition Galerie Vevais (Vevais, Germany)                         2010-present

Book Reviewer for Photo-Eye                                                                  2017-present

Juror for International Photography Awards                                       2014-present

Juror for Moscow International Photography Awards                       2015


German (conversational and reading), Spanish (reading), French (reading)


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